Our Festival

3rd Easton Hispanic Cultural Festival Saturday July 26th, 2014.


The year 2014 will continue marking a decisive step in the recognition of our Hispanic Community in Easton Pennsylvania, as well as in the Lehigh Valley.

Given the intention and vision of our committee and the Mayor Sal Panto Jr., we have created an unprecedented event in the history of our city. Such an event with no doubt has the potential to become a national phenomenon.



The Hispanic Cultural Committee thanks our sponsors for their generous collaboration. Thanks to this support and economic help, the first Hispanic Culture Festival was a success.
This event presented the Lehigh Valley some of the cultural differences within the Latino community. - Growing population in the area. The Latino community is proud to be part of this beautiful Lehigh Valley.




Nuestro Amigo el Payaso

Traiga sus niños a disfrutar de nuestro payaso.  Está lleno de bombas y pinturas para transformar los niños en uno más de nuestros "Amigos en el Valle". Y por supuesto, tome la foto para preservar las memorias...!